About Us

Our Company

K Trader based in Torrance, California offers the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as all types of meats and seafood, from our global partners to service the ever increasing worldwide demand.  We are serving many markets including, North and Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Established in 2007 K Trader is the strategic alliance of Mitake Inc. and Amax International Inc. which together brings you over 40 years of experience in this global food trade industry. 


We ship hundreds of containers of food commodity per year to international destinations.  We specialize in providing quality fruits, vegetables to meats and seafoods to buyers around the world.  Through our relationship with major global suppliers and international brands, we are able to provide our customers with the highest-level quality products and services.


Established as Mitake Trading International Inc. by Makio ‘Mike’ Amakasu in 1976. Mitake got its name out in the World as the pioneer of “Air-Beef” to Air-ship Live Cattle from United States to Japan. In those days this business venture was looked at as a huge risk and no one had dared to try, but over the next couple years Mitake had succeeded in air-shipping thousands of pounds of steers to Japan.


In the years to come Mitake had expanded its business in handling everything from Seafood, to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. With the development of its new product line Mitake Trading International Inc. realized that the sales staff would need to evolve as well to achieve the goal of… “Commitment to the Finest products and Services” and renamed the company as Mitake, Inc. After building a reputation for its straightforward, honest, and dependable work, it was time for Mitake, Inc. to undergo another evolution.

In today’s increasingly competitive and ever changing markets, Mitake Inc. strived to become the leader once again in this New Generation market. With the new Millennium, brought new ideas, new faces, a new look and Mitake, Inc. changed its entity to K Trader LP.

K Trader now run by the Son’s of founder Makio ‘Mike’ Amakasu continues with its founding fathers passion in “Commitment to the Finest Products and Services” guarantees in providing you the comfort to know that you can conduct business with a company you can rely on being there day after day, year after year.

Quality Control

At K Trader, providing the highest-level quality of products and services is our greatest priority. We partner with the world’s finest growers and distributors to provide products of the highest quality for our customers.  Additionally, we employ our own quality control personnel to inspect and ensure that all our products meet the highest food safety standards, and the absolute finest appearance, and flavor.

Our passion lies in caring for both our customers and growers, providing fair and ethical judgement creating a harmony of life and work. We’ve strived to provide the best service and quality.